White Spirit, Solvents & Thinners

We provide solvents for applications and according to chemical compositions, they are divided into aliphatic and aromatic. White Spirits products are clear and colorless solvent with very low water solubility and a characteristics odor. These products are used as solvents and thinners for lacquers, paints, resins and printing-ink also they are used as solvents in formulations of chemical products like. pesticides and metal degreasing wool, degreasing and dry cleaning

White spirit is very useful spirit and commonly used to clean paint brushes after use, as a starter fluid for charcoal grills, to clean auto parts and tools and also to remove adhesive residue from non-porous surfaces, and many other common tasks.

White Spirit is mostly used as a solvent in paint thinners and varnishes, solvent drying paints, solvents in printing inks, solvent oil separators from metal surfaces, solvent for waxes for furniture and flooring and also as shoe polish and dry-cleaning solvent, respectively

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April 21, 2017